Tuesday, November 30, 2004

So tired...

No pictures today, but some progress!

Last night Emily and I decided on the windows and patio doors for the basement and ordered them, and they were delivered today.

The well people came out and ran their wires and pipe under the basement floor and foundation, but said that they will have to wait for the ground to freeze again before they can get the big well drilling truck in due to the mud.

The cement people came and poured the garage foundation, and were rumored to have gotten their 6WD monster cement truck stuck such that a bulldozer was needed to assist them. (the rain we got last week made the clay *very* slippery!)

Lastly, Em and I spent the afternoon spreading tar on our foundation for waterproofing. Unfortunately, tar doesn't spread easily at these temperatures, so it was hard work. We are about a third done and will finish tomorrow.

Time to eat and fall down!


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